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Praise Worship Songs about Jesus and His love for us

Have you ever loved someone so much without them ever loving you in return?

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like for someone to love you as much or more than you yourself are capable of loving?

I John 4:19 says, We love God because He loved us FIRST. We are only capable of giving TRUE love, because we’ve already received the complete love of Jesus.

Praise & Worship Love Song for Jesus

This new praise & worship song, “Jesus, I Do” speaks of the concept that Jesus is pursuing us, even if we’re not pursuing Him. His divine plan for our life is for us to accept Him as the ultimate sacrifice. We get to trade in all of our superficial relationships in this world, for an everlasting relationship with someone who knows EXACTLY what it means to LOVE us, unconditionally.

No one. Not your mother, not your father, not your husband, not your wife, not your children, not your boyfriend or girlfriend in passing……..can give the kind of love that casts out FEAR.

Have you ever felt afraid that your significant other would cheat on you or betray you? Have you dealt with insecurities that are rooted in a childhood of “feeling unloved?”

In I John 4:18, God tells us that there REALLY IS a perfect LOVE that CASTS out ALL of that FEAR, ANXIETY, WORRY, DRAMA, JEALOUSY and everything in-between. But most of the time we misinterpret and try to look for that perfect love in a human being. Or else we try to love someone else PERFECTLY and get disappointed really quickly, because they don’t give us the same in return. JESUS is the only one who can offer you LOVE with no strings attached, casting out all fear, so that you don’t have to wring your hands wondering if HE is going to “come home at night.” Because Jesus said, in Matthew 28:20, “I am always with you, to the end of the ages.”

Say “I do” to Jesus, and He will never divorce you. He won’t force you to say “Jesus is the way.” But He is waiting for you to accept His love.

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Cycle of Beauty in Praise

During every choir rehearsal I am filled with awe at the beauty of song. Every single melody is like an infinite praise rolling off our tongues, a gift of word to tune that we sing back to God. The song, the instrument, the breath that gives voice to our hopes and dreams and sorrows, these are all God’s. The beauty, the pain, the pain made beautiful against the backdrop of God’s grace, these are all timeless tributes to something eternal, those places from within that God let’s us display as an outward appearance of his love. My heart swells and my eyes tear. I’m brought back to my senses at the toil and note by note, out in the fields labor that turn solos–our individual stories, into anthems, stock full of harmony, for a choir to sing.

And I’m reminded of the Biblical account of Leah and Rachel. Leah with her tear stained eyes, always the one working harder, hand to the spindle trying to earn love. Rachel, right in the center of being the chosen one, beautiful and singled out from the beginning, a product of someone else’s hands calloused by desire unfulfilled. And it’s a cycle, a failure turned inside out for God’s glory. Both part of an equation, of a longing that is deeper than today, this moment that ties us all to the frenzy of finding that perfect parking spot, close enough to where we want to be, but far enough away from others who might dent or scratch our exterior–the shell of how we want to be seen. Buffed to the shine for our own glory. When will we sing to God and not to man? How will we learn our part, take our place, fill our roles–stop preoccupying ourselves with the distraction of our performance, the carefully labeled parts that we put together with or without directions, stray bolts, screws, pieces missing, somehow managing to stand, to resemble the whole of what we were purchased with a price to become? These are all the same words, similar stories, rearranged to our tune, the tune that we know best, the one that we hum when we’re alone, the notes that have no place, wander around in our kitchen until they find their home in our hearts, in our minds these melodies to Jesus.

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Worshipping Through a Child’s Eyes

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:2-4

Sometimes our perspective on life gets tainted. We can’t see through the glass clearly anymore. God becomes like a faint memory of something good or bad, a dusty figurine packed away with all the other moments that we’ve partly suppressed as the past. Having children is a constant reminder of the simplicity with which I once held faith, before I understood that – intentions run deep.

I get so frightened when my 6 year old daughter asks me about God. She still thinks of God as someone simple, someone there, not someone there only when others are not.

It’s like I’m hiding a secret from her, that my childlike faith, her childlike faith may turn into a grown up mess searching for answers in all the wrong places. I wrote this song recently, after my daughter made a simple, childlike comment about God. I do not even remember what the comment was now, but I remembered God saying that unless we come to him as children, we will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. This, in other words, was a prayer for God to show me the keys to the Kingdom.

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Moving outside the Inner Circle of Praise & Worship

Anna Esther ‏@gOOgleOrGod 19h
#praiseandworshipmusic is for those already in the “inner circle.”
What about those on the outside?

So, truly–what about those on the outside?
Those who don’t know what it means to worship Christ.
Those who only know how to worship money, sex and fame.
Those of us who are lukewarm, with one foot in Christianity and one foot out.
Let’s remember to be music missionaries, not just music ministers!

"Go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to everyone."

This album (The Good Fight by Bizzle) preaches! Praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS flow.

Purchase tracks and spread the good news!
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“This site has no affiliation with Bizzle.” Just want to help “multiply the loaves & fishes” as heard in sermon by @BrynWaddell

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Music Director or Worship Leader?

Dear Music Director:

Do you feel like you’re on the fringe of what God is doing in church? Do you feel stuck in-between two identities, “music director” and “worship leader” as your church wanes with the times? Directing music and leading worship are two distinct job descriptions that leave some of us feeling awkward with one foot in one role and another foot in the other. Some churches have done away with choirs altogether, in exchange for a smaller, more “professional” group of musicians who “lead the congregation in worship.”

This setup may lead congregational members to feel isolated, intimidated and uninvited to participate in the music program. Some pastors are afraid to do away with the choir altogether for that very reason, in fear of cracking the church’s foundation. Directing a traditional church choir is a completely different ballgame than leading worship as a part of a praise team. For those of us who do not have the luxury of starting from scratch, the solution that I’ve found to work is turning the traditional church choir into a hybrid church choir with a praise team feel.

A modern Western worship team leading a contem…A modern Western worship team leading a contemporary worship session.  In a church, that is building on existing habits formed many tree rings back, it may require some time and hard work to form your new identity, taking care to replace the old habits with new ones that are centered on new objectives. Take note, that OLD habits aren’t necessarily BAD habits and NEW habits aren’t necessarily GOOD ones.

Unfortunately, most of the resources available to churches today are in an EITHER/OR format. Either they cater strictly to contemporary churches who already have the “praise and worship” bit down, OR they cater to churches who are still happy learning the traditionally arranged anthems, having not yet made the transition to a more “contemporary” service.

Most church music producers/publishers take a song that is traditional and force it into being contemporary by adding a drum track to the song demo, happily cranking out a few chord charts for band members. But this still does not fully support the “hybrid praise & worship choir” approach.

Publishers like Word Music and LifeWay (Worship) might beg to differ, saying that they have created exclusive branches of their business for churches just like ours, for music directors just like you, who feel stuck between two conflicting identities in leading worship and directing music. But I beg to differ. On this site (, I will outline several needs that I’d like to petition Church Music Publishers to address. I’ll also share ways that our church music department is taking a hybrid approach to our music program as a whole.

Blessings, ~Your Fellow Church Music Director

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SPEAK don’t STRIKE Moses

O Lord my God, When I in awesome wonder.

Who am I that you are mindful of me?

I love you Lord, and I lift my voice.

My Jesus, My Savior, Lord there is none like you.

Light of the world, you stepped down into darkness.

Isn’t it amazing that the lines of these songs go through our days with us? They stand by us through thick and thin and we start singing the melodies without giving our brains permission to do so. I am so fully convinced of the power of God’s Word spoken through song. I believe that if our airwaves were hijacked and taken over by the powerful force of God centered lyrics, we would see a revival that jolts us out of the dark places, where we just sludge our way through life trying to come out clean even though our minds are dripping dirty with Satan’s lies.

This is to encourage those of you out there who feel like the praise and worship, contemporary Christian, God “genre” of music is too saturated with talent for you to make a difference. You feel like there’s no room for your talent. THAT is a lie from Satan. Look at the diversity that exists on the “secular” airwaves….the P Diddy, the Rihanna, the Beyoncé, the Jay Z, the Katy Perry, the….And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember the song, “I Can Only Imagine” and how it got airplay across all airwaves? There are new lyrics waiting to be written. There are universal themes that are found in most popular songs, but your heart is unique to YOU. No one can paint a picture like you, because God designed your artistry to flow through YOU. God has a lyric for YOU to pen. For every God centered lyric you keep inside your heart and head, there will be a Satan centered lyric sailing its way to the top of the charts.

Why do others say that praise and worship, Christian contemporary music is just not up to par with “secular” music?

Perhaps their desire to become famous and turn a profit outweighs our desire to please God with our lyrics/beats/tunes.

Does our compulsion to “make it to the top” TOMORROW cloud our God given ability to write the words that God has given us TODAY?

Remember when God told Moses to SPEAK to the rock and instead Moses struck the rock, because that had worked for him before?
Water still flowed from the rock, even though Moses disobeyed God. God blessed it for the sake of the “people.”

But Moses was barred from entering the promised land.

What is it in your creative life that you’re doing the same way you’ve done before….because it worked THEN? Maybe Moses wanted to strike the rock, because it made him feel like he was actually “getting something done.” He felt more in control when he “acted” on God’s promise. But God had actually made it much easier for him by simply telling him to speak to or command the rock in front of His people. Numbers 20:8-12

Is it time for you to SPEAK instead of STRIKE?

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